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Gelesen: "Yarn Harlot - The Secret Life of A Knitter" von Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Autorin: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Titel: Yarn Harlot - The Secret Life of a Knitter
Paperback $12.99
E-Book $9.99
ISBN: 9780740750373
Publication Date: 9/1/2005
Pages: 240
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's deepest wish is that everyone understand that knitting is at least as fun as baseball and way cooler than the evil looped path of crochet. Every project, from a misshapen hat to the most magnificent sweater, holds a story. Yarn Harlot tells all those stories with humour, insight, and sympathy for the obsessed.
Over 50 million people in America knit. The average knitter spends between $500 and $1,700 a year on yarn, patterns, needles, and books. No longer just a fad or a hobby, knitting has advanced to a lifestyle.
Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter moves beyond instructions and patterns into the purest elements of knitting: obsession, frustration, reflection, and fun. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's humorous and poignant essays find humor in knitting an enormous afghan that requires a whopping 30 balls of wool, having a husband with size 13 feet who loves to wear hand-knit socks, and earns her "yarn harlot" title with her love of any new yarn--she'll quickly drop an old project for the fresh saucy look of a new interesting yarn.
Since the upsurge in knitting began in the early '90s, the number of women under 45 who knit has doubled. Knitting is no longer a hobby for just grandmothers--women and men of all ages are embracing this art. Describing its allure is best left to Stephanie who explains: "It is a well-known fact that knitting is a sparkling form of entertainment, as spiritual as yoga, as relaxing as a massage, and as funny as Erma Bombeck trapped in a PTA meeting."

Meine Meinung:
Mal lustig, mal nachdenklich schildert die Autorin ihre Gedanken bzw. Gefühle in Bezug auf Handarbeiten. Mir hat's gefallen.

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